Monday, February 22, 2010

Zumba Extreme

First of let me say kudos to all us Zumbaholics for raising $ 1100.00 for the Haiti Earthquake victims. Kudos to a great organizer Gerri and kudos to some awesome Zumba instructors, and I am sure if I was 100% well, it would have been an even better time, but it was great, I loved all the Zumba dances and it was so much fun, even though a few times I thought omg I am not gonna make it through an hour and a half of this, but I did, barely and not pretty but I hung in there like a trooper. I think the only slow song was the cool down at the end, everything else was heart pumping, fast paced and full of energy, all I can say is thank god I had a bum knee and had to take it easy a few times, otherwise I would have had a heart attack or something. It is so funny by the end of the class everything just feels like rubber on you, your legs don't go where you want them to go, your arms just totally flop around and you can barely stand up straight....and they call that fun? lol But I guess the hype and great feeling you get from actually accomplishing this should take away all these other feelings lol. The total physical exhaustion was quite apparent when I got home, I took a bath, made supper ( thank god for left overs) and was in bed by 8 pm, I woke up a few times just to check the score of the hockey game but went right back to sleep afterwards and slept till 5 am just to get up and spend an hour on the elliptical. My knee isn't any worse than it has been the days before, so i am grateful for that.

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Kerry said...

Good for you, sounds like you had a good time, glad to hear your knee is better. See you on Wednesday night.