Saturday, February 27, 2010

The whole Kitten Caboodle.

BUFFY She is the senior of the cat gang at my house, she is about 14 years old and came out of a box that was dropped of in front of the Humane Society across the street from us. A neighbour on her morning walk saw the box sitting there, and since the Humane Society wasn't open yet she took the box of kittens home, knowing well what the likely fate of the kittens would be once they were inside the Humane Society and she thought she might have a easier time finding homes for them. As far as I can remember there were three kittens left in that box and by the time we got Buffy she already had found homes for the other ones. Buffy is very shy and she really doesn't like men too much, but has been found occasionally cuddling with Alex, which in itself is a rarity, because she is not a very cuddly cat, she doesn't like to be picked up or handled in any form, unless it's on her terms.


Well what can I say about Daisy? We got her as a handful of kitten, when her mother abandoned her and four other babies about 4 1/2 years ago. She was the runt of the litter, tiny as can be and we had to bottle feed her and she was always eager to be fed as you can see that hasn't stopped. OMG what happened to that little tiny kitty? Now you can barely lift her up because she is so heavy, constantly looking for food, and eating everything in sight and any left overs from anywhere. Even though she is big she is very active and chases Charcoal around the house like a mad cat at times. Sometimes I wonder too if she thinks she is a dog instead of a cat, she absolutely adores my daughter and waits for her by the door to come home from school, licks her all over like a dog. She comes running when you call her, she waits for you patiently when she wants to go outside with you, and even though she definitely has a little bit of an attitude problem at times, she is all in all a very loving cuddle kitty.


Hoover is despite all her corks one of my favourites, I just think she is the cutest of them all. Hoover was one of the Barbeque kitties, that was dropped off, according to a neighbour,by a Pick up truck together with her brother on Labour Day Weekend 2007. The two little kittens made their home in the bottom part of our barbeque out on the deck. In the beginning all you could see where those two little scared faces looking out from under the cover and taking of as soon as you approached them. Once winter came we tried to coaks them inside the house to keep warm. Hoover still is a very very nervous cat, and who knows what she had been through and I don't think she definitely wasn't handled as a kitten. She seems to just enjoy having everybody around, but keeping her distance at the same time. She comes for pets when she wants to but always just at armlength, and as soon as one makes an attempt to pet her with two hands she takes of like a shot, so she definitely has a fear of getting picked up and not knowing what is going to happen to her if she is. She got the name Hoover because she used to eat up anything that someone would drop by accident just like a little vaccum cleaner.


He is Hoover's little brother, totally different than his sister. He was always more trusting and forthcoming than Hoover. He was the one who would come and check out what you were doing outside and play with you in the garden, while Hoover watched from a distance. I think he is still pretty little for a full grown male cat, always full of beans and ready to get into trouble, especially now that he has his new partner in crime Jack.


He is the newest member of the gang and made himself right at home, he showed up just before Christmas and never left. He is an absolute delight to have, he loves to cuddle and I call him my baby, because I can carry him around like a baby and he just loves it. He loves to wrestle with Charcoal and those two sometimes can make quite the rackett chasing each other through the house, Jack needs to work on his traction while running though, because mostly he slams right into the kitchen cupboards while trying to catch the corners. He is just an absolute sweetie.

Funny how animals all have their own little personalities and each is his/her own. Makes it so much fun to watch and live with.


Anonymous said...

I luv your kitty pictures...I hope I can meet them one day!

AJ-OAKS said...

Oh my gosh what pretty kitties you have. Your kitties backgrounds are a lot like ours. Yup, each one have their own personalities and quirks. That's what makes them all special. Like you I always 'fall' for the more difficult ones. Maybe it is the challenge to gain their trust. And once you do, they turn out to be the best. Do you happen to have a sign on your forehead too that says " Oh what the heck, what's one more"?! lol

Tina said...

I sure do......but I try to cover it up with my bangs lol

Tina said...

Yeah but who can say no to these faces?