Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where to begin?

Well maybe I start with yesterday morning was just horrible, omg too many screaming temper tantrum throwing 3 year old children, mostly boys too, so we had our work cut out and it was not easy nor pretty, but we always get through it with a smile. The speed skater craft was a big hit with the kids and parents, so that was a plus. But man we were happy when it was home time and the building was vacated. You know it's a bad day if 15 minutes into the program you just need Tylenol or a drink, and since drinking on the job is against policy we opted for the Tylenol only one problem, nobody brought any....(note to self..for next Friday... bring the bottle....of Tylenol that is). After work I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the local Tim Horton's before hitting the road to meet with Janice. I love the drive down to her place, so peaceful and empty, once you hit the straight away right down to the lake, it's just great for being a little speed demon and pushing the pedal to the metal, boy those railroad tracks sure make you jump lol. Once I catch a glimpse of the lake I am in my glory, it looked really pretty yesterday, with the odd break in the grey sky letting the sun hit the water, it looked nice and shiny, would have been pretty to capture on camera. Arriving at Janice's I was greeted by her two cute dogs, they are both small dogs, can't remember what they are, but one is definitely one breed I had never seen before, but omg he was so cute.The hour with Janice just flew by, it was good but definitely not pretty, but hey it seldom is, we covered a lot of things and I knew exactly what I wanted to get out and so I did...thank god she had a box of Kleenex handy. After my visit with Janice I decided to make a quick stop at my friends house, it was so good to see her, I have missed talking with her and just hanging out so much. We had a nice visit and then it was off back to the house to make dinner and get ready for work again, which went very well and I even got a little bit of stitching done too.
This morning I made a little trip to the LNS to pick up some fabric to stitch a few more "Singing Donkeys" and I needed a handful of skeins of colours, of course once you are in there, there is always more for me to oooo and aaaaawwww over and besides just getting what I need I picked up two small Lizzie Kate patterns.

Just what I needed lol...but oh well what's done is now I am at work and things have settled down here after the initial hectic start. I might even get some stitching done.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I ejoyed our visit yesterday too, long overdue. Oh and I guess I just missed you at our LNS today. I love the LK's you got and totally in character eh.
Have a great night.

AJ-OAKS said...

The drive sounded so serene. And the lake must have been so pretty. Hope you are feeling better. Amazing what friends can do for you!

Tina said...

Yes, friends are amazing and I must say I have a great lot of good ones, lucky me. Not really feeling any better, but trying not to get too caught up in myself't afford the partying anymore lol