Friday, February 26, 2010

A so - so day!

Work today was actual fun, there were a few kids missing, so there was no need for Tylenol today and we had a very good day. We had invited a special visitor for about 30 minutes to do Salsa Tots with us today, it was really a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed it too. Only problem I have the song "La cucaracha" stuck in my head and have been singing it all day long. Salsa Tots is Latin Groove for Kids on the Move!Designed for Toddlers that are ready to dance on their own two feet, it combines movement and play with lively Latin rhythms that parents and kids can both enjoy.!!!!!
After work I made a quick stop at the house just long enough to figure out that the damn garage door is broken and won't open up automatically and it has to be opened and closed manually, which makes it quite hard and heavy since it's a double garage door and it makes it very inconvenient....Aaaaarrrrggghhhhhh. I made it down
to the lake today in record time of 35 minutes, damn!!! The lake looked rather depressing today, it was snowing a little bit and it was all foggy over the lake, I think having that view on every cloudy dark day could get kind of depressing, but I guess I won't be able to ever find out because I could never afford to live down there, even though I noticed today that the nicest house on that road is up for sale....hmmm wonder how much it really is?....Meeting with Janice today was pretty rough and I stayed a lot longer than anticipated, even though it was tough and rough, it feels good to get some of these things of your chest, things that play in your head over and over again and one can't really talk or doesn't want to talk about. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh again.
So tonight I am back at work and am trying to figure out some numbers in statistics that just don't add up and nobody knows why,fun fun fun.....

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