Friday, February 26, 2010

After the classic Jeremy Hotz!

Well last night was full of laughs and tears and a short embarrassing moment, which I survived with a big bruise on my ego and thigh and a scrap on my ankle, not sure yet which of Jeremy Hotz's comical routine I was trying to act out, was it the one about the big busted German bobsled racer, or was it the one about his slip on the ice with seeing his feet way in front of him and thinking "well I won't catch up to them"? I don't know! Jeremy definitely was in rare form again, and his jokes included everything from the Olympics, to pets to getting old and women and men and so on. He cracks me up the most when he can start laughing hysterical at his own jokes, it was like always good for laughs and the boys seemed to enjoy it very much as well, which was nice to see. The warm up comedian Darrin Rose had a few good stories about his travels to Greece and donkeys, it was hilarious and oh so true.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Glad you had fun but what the hell did you do this time?

ME said...

I might tell you in private one day but not in a public forum. lol and what do you mean this time? Makes it sound like I do this all the time lmao...I am not that bad am I?Oh maybe I am...let me rethink that one for a minute.