Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The loss of a great man!

Come to find out that our beloved Mr. Snooks died today in his 91st year. He will be certainly missed by so many. He did so much for so many and was always there to give a helping hand. He was a joker and always full of pranks. Over the last years he had suffered some health issues and the loss of his wife in 2009. He truly was amazing, always there with a smile even when he didn't feel like smiling, always more concerned about you than himself. I have seen him last just before Christmas at the Seniors meeting at the centre I work at, a building that was subsequently named after him for what he did there for the Seniors Club.
I remember the first time I met him years ago, my P.I.C. and I were setting up tables for the Seniors Bazar and he came up to her and pretty much warned her of this grouchy old man, who nobody could please and that one should just be aware of this Doug Snooks, he was a real prick, and he left.She told me then and we were getting a little bit worried, about ten minutes later he came back and he said, oh by the way 'I am Doug Snooks'.
God Bless you Mr. Snooks. We surely will miss your sunny deposition at the Centre.

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