Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can you name that donkey?

Well I thought I did, at least the few that live constantly in the barnyard, since there are only about 15 in special care. I guess I was wrong as I tried to halter this gray brown standard donkey to take it to grooming, and after a few nips and kicks I finally figured out why, bad case of mistaken identity it wasn't who I thought it was, Dolly, a lovely but stubborn donkey who won't really go anywhere with you unless her buddy Dusty Rose tags along, but it was Solo, well we all have been given a heads up about Solo. Well afterwards I thought given that it was Solo, I really didn't fair too badly. LOL.
Even though every donkey is unique, it is at times hard to know who is who, I know all the names but I am not always sure about who is who, and then some are so different from the others, like special markings, trade mark ears or something different, that you know right away who they are. There are five miniature donkeys at the farm, 4 live in the barnyard, the other one lives with the herd. So I know the little guy in the field is Monte. The other four, well I know Paco, first his colour is brown, not grey and he is severely disfigured. That leaves the trio of Poppy, Pansy and Sable, they truly are the three amigos, I can tell Sable because she has a rip in her ear, but Poppy and Pansy I have no clue who is who, even though when they look at you a certain way you can tell them apart, but just by looking at them, no clue. Most of the time if you know one and you know his best buddy is so and so, then you know who they are, e.g. Uma is one of many chocolate brown standards, I can recognize her friend Spice right away, so I know the brown donkey has to be UMA. Same with Monte, the little miniature one, his best friend is Rebecca another chocolate brown donkey, but because they are always together, I know this has to be her. Most trouble I have with telling the the white donkeys apart. But I am trying my best to study each and every one of them, and I had a great opportunity to do so yesterday as they walked one by one past me to return to the barn. I had a lot of cuddle time yesterday, yes I did my chores as well but it was rather frustrating because it was all frozen to the ground and hard to remove, but Adam was busy with the vet visiting so he couldn't help me with anything or tell me what to do next, so I had lots of time to just mingle. Of course Summer was always around and stood there patiently hoping for grooming while I was doing Buffy, woo hoo I even did feet yesterday, mind you only front...something about those kicking back feet. It was really a quiete nice snowy day at the Farm. Oh how I wish I could be there everyday for a few hours.

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AJ-OAKS said...

Hi. Well, since you left a sweet comment on my blog ( A Little Farm with a Big Heart), I had to check yours out. How wonderful that you work with a rescue. Hugs to you. Donkeys are amazing! I love all the photos of the donks on your blog. So beautiful each and every one of them are. There are two black donkeys here and even though I can tell them apart instantly, everyone else has a hard time. Looking forward to going through your blog. :)