Friday, January 22, 2010

Jann Arden @ Hamilton Place

Last night I had once again the pleasure of attending a Jann Arden Concert, it was my third Arden Concert and I will go again and again. It really is an amazing event, from the minute she starts you just don't want it to ever end. This time she had no open act, started promptly at 8 pm and left the stage the last time at around 10:20 pm. It was absolutely fantastic, she played a lot of her newest songs, which I hadn't really listened to yet, mainly because of lack of time and peace to do so, but it sure sounded like another great album to me. Of course there were there old familiar songs like "Insensitive","Good mother",'" I will die for you","Sleepless", etc. Not only is she a talented songwriter and musician but she is also funny as heck, and I laughed so hard at times because she puts it as it is and doesn't care what she says. It truly was an amazing evening despite the company I kept.

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