Sunday, January 24, 2010

Frustration setting in!

OK, I am getting to the frustrating part of stitching again, which usually means it's time to put the needle down and give it a rest, but since I have commited myself to finish a few pieces I don't have this option right now. Frustration for me sets in, when you stitch and stitch and stitch and you don't really see any progress or can even make out what the heck it's suppose to be...and I am at that point and it's driving me crazy, I started from different angles just to get to the main part of it, but somehow that didn't work either so I am extremely frustrated and aggrivated.ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! Maybe it's time to switch back to the green donkey? Or the purple moose, which I haven't picked up since stitching night at EPCC. Or it's time for a quick nobrainer, that sometimes helps. So many choices so little time. Really should clean the house too.....that can wait....what's one more day living in this mess?

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Trina said...

Been there -done that! I am so bad with the wolf with not marking off what I have done and then thinking I've miscounted. Sometimes a break is good!

See you Wednesday!