Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Donkeys to the rescue!

OMG tomorrow can't come soon enough. Today I am having a really off day, wow that's the second one this month, yuck...not a good sign. Seems like sometimes the whole world is just crashing down on me, nothing to hold you up or even want to march onwards for. Sometimes it's hard to just get up and find just one little thing to keep you going, and really sometimes I am even tired of looking for that. And it brings me back to this age old question I had for as long as I can remember, when do you give up and when is enough enough? What is the purpose of the things you do and don't do day after day that lead to nowhere in particular except maybe to walking in circles? Seems like everything I touch turns to s***, everything I create looks like crap and I am not happy with anything. And it's driving me crazy. So I am so looking forward to be among my donkey friends tomorrow, that truly is one place I totally get lost in, in a good way, not a thought is wasted on anything but being there and doing what you do. Not a single other thought crosses your mind while being there, it's like having no worries and no cares. What a freeing feeling that is, too bad it only lasts a couple of hours.


Trina said...

Hang in there baby! I know the feeling all too well! Looking forward to tomorrow too! See you there.

Anonymous said...

i think i know what you mean...when is enough enough and when do you give up? I think i have finally reached mine.

Tammy said...

come to stitching and your sisters will have you laughing and feeling better!!
Ice cream always works to cheer me up especially when its hag-and-das (sorry don't know how to spell it