Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A day of this and that

Yesterday was a day of mixture of pleasantries and not so pleasant things, but it when in staggering progression from good to very good to amazing.
It started out with a mandatory meeting at work about floor care, pardon me but if I wanted to get a janitorial job, I would look for one, and floor care is definitely not part of my job description. But I attended like the good little obedient worker I am and almost paid no attention to what was said and was just more amazed at the sudden interest and dramatically display of " oh i know everything about it" attitude of one particular person, and I wondered a few things, like so when were you starting to think about using the friggin machine? It was also a little uncomfortable regarding one particular person who was there, my other boss, or shall I say ex boss. It's weird, because I get along with her staff so nicely, well the ones I still know and we kibbutz like old times, and I am sure that drives her crazy, and she was not very pleasant to me....oh well. I will get over that lol. After Marty's wonderful training session I had to run a few errands before meeting up with the girls from work for lunch at Kelseys. It was so nice that our Zumba queen Gerri could join us too, she is just an absolute sweetheart. We exchanged small gifts and enjoyed a delicious lunch on the tap of the boss. It was really nice and I enjoyed myself. After lunch it was on to the best thing of the day, a walk in the snowfall, which was really nice and enjoyable even though it was friggin freezing. But I am really enjoying all this time on the fresh air and maybe that's why I am so tired at night all the time, because I have been sleeping really good lately. So maybe that's I need more walks outside....hint hint.....:)

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