Monday, December 14, 2009

So far.... I have accomplished a few things...I finally mailed out all my Christmas cards, well except one, but I have to write a letter with it so it might still be a while. I wrapped up my Christmas presents for tomorrows Christmas lunch with the girls from work. We are going to Kelseys and the boss is paying so we should have a good time. And I bought one more little gift that goes into a stocking for a dear friends. The stocking will be filled with all things that will remind them of the good things in life and how little it really takes to be happy, that is if you have the right things to work with. It's more like a little care package, just so they won't forget how important they are to certain people in their lives no matter how much BS is in it. I hopefully will make it to Jane's later this morning so she can help me get my ass ready to be nailed to the wall. Awww and one can not forget work tonight woo hoo....what excitement. NOT!
So by now it's later in the afternoon, and I got back from Jane's unfortunately the donkey didn't work out the way it was intended to do so it will still be a day or two for it to get to where it should be. We, or shall I say Jane and Kerry finished some Ornaments while I watched carefully just to know how to do it next year...yeah right lol....Jane also finished one of my ornaments for me and I must say it looks great and I love it. I even got a few stitches in on an other ornament that I just started. Woo hoo...I am on a roll, not really, I haven't even stitched much during the last week. Hopefully that will change over the next few days, since I am off from work except the odd nighttime rental and my Saturday, but I am sure there is plenty of other things still to do, but so far I have everything under control and I am never really stressing out for Christmas...that's not what my Christmas is about . So off to stitch a few more stitches before I am going to work.....Thanks Jane again for all your help...and the red ball looks beautiful besides all and everything you don't like about it.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hey, the ass will be ready today. lol

ME said...

woo hoo.....really??? you mean when I get there tonight it will hang on the special spot right by the door? lol