Friday, November 20, 2009

Thoughts while soaking in the tub....

Who ever doubted that the bathroom is the best place to think and ponder? I know it is for me, when I have my short quite soak in the tub each morning. I moved from showers to soaking in the tub a while ago, mostly to soothe my aching old bones, but it is so much more relaxing and I am already laying so I don't have to worry about slipping, well unitl I try to get out of the tub at here are some of my collected thoughts about what I have learnt over the years....

* people who try to change you, are really not happy with themselves and just try to project their problems and issues onto
you, because they still believe you are the cause of their problems..
* you don't have the ability to change anybody but yourself, what you can change is your reaction and actions towards
somebody else and trust me that fucks up their mind.
* there is a huge difference between selfish and being selfless
* there is somebody out there for everybody, some just aren't lucky enough to ever find that person, but when you fly and life is just wonderful with it's ups and downs and everything in it.
* i do believe in soulmates
* everybody is an angel to somebody and everybody can be an angel for somebody.
* NOW, THIS VERY the only time you have. ( animals are great teachers of living in the now)
* your thoughts control your life, if you can change your thoughts you can change your life
* love makes everything right, even the most ugliest parts of you will be beautiful

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