Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday randoms

Wasn't really sure what to do with this day, so it was a day of random actions, no thought really behind them, no purpose, but pure just go with the flow and do whatever floats my boat at any given moment. To start the day off, of course coffee.....can't really start a day without it, and it's like the plaque in my kitchen says.....Is there life before coffee?....I stitched a little bit on the moose before catching up with a friend via messenger about their plans for the weekend. Almost sounded as exciting as mine lol...I did end up going to the Ancaster Fairground to visit the Craftshow there, and I must say it was very nice, didn't really buy anything but a few Christmas cards, and a few little ornaments and of course some goodies, but hopefully I can get up enough willpower to stay away from them and let the kids enjoy them, but oh they look so good....hmmmmm yummy...I will stick to my 100 calories Reeses sticks or snack packs....for now at least.....after the craftshow, I ventured to Michaels, just to check out their Christmas stuff and some crosstitch patterns, like I need any more....but there are a few things I have in mind for some special people in my life...but I guess I should finish the Donkey and the Moose first before starting anything new, and I have started the HAED "Two for the future" too, so I guess I am good to go for a while....but then what's one more on the go. Well just have to wait and see...but it is always so much fun to start something new ....oh well!After my outing I spend some time on the PC to burn a few CDs, that will hopefully work in the car this time is a Christmas CD and the other one, guess you just will have to wait and see....:). Funny how I can move from one thing to another and be sidetracked so easily into doing something completely different, must be my ADD or something like that....while browsing the web I got stuck on YOUTUBE, omg I can waste time there by the hours, because one video leads to another and then there is no stopping I came across this video of our latest "slow" Zumba song, finally something for my speed....but don't let it fool you, it's not as easy as it looks and well there is always an opportunity to go the wrong direction....

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