Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shutting out the world

WOW, what a perfect day was rainy and grey and damp and just plain yucky, the day couldn't have been better for justifying a whole day in a big comfy warm bed, awwww, what peace and comfort, what luxury it was to be surrounded by big fluffy blankets, and no interruptions, no phone calls to be answered, no computer, no txt messages, no emails, nothing just music in the background playing to fit the mood.....of peace and contentment. WOW! What a nice way to relax, shutting out the world and just be in the NOW. Probably not a luxury to be afforded more than once a year, oh well maybe one has to rethink was definitely a day to refill whatever was missing. I need more of those days....:)

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

We all need days like that when you can just laze around and do exactly what you want to do. I have a knack for doing just that and nobody really gives a damn and to bad if they do. All in all, the next day you have a different perspective and that is the main thing.
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