Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another glorious weekend

WOW, really can this weather be any better? What a nice Saturday spent visiting the annual Gingerbread Craft Show with a friend, finding a few treasures, one that will bring a smile to somebody's face ever so often, little Elmo mittens that will make a two year old laugh out loud, and a few little ornaments. After browsing past all the talented crafters, we took in a hot apple cider and coffee at the Williams Coffee Pub and met up with an old friend and her mother, who we had just talked about 30 minutes prior that we haven't seen her in ages...funny how life sometimes works. The later part of the afternoon was spent with stitching and some minor progress was made on the mist I guess lol. I had an invitation to stitch at a friends house, but being comfortable in my pjs already I declined and stayed home and stitched all by myself.... I am not very good at talking and stitching at the same time...must be the blond in know...can't walk and chew gum at the same time.
Sunday morning was spent with a friend, chit chatting about life and how we were back then, a good cup of Williams coffee with milk and sweetener and a lot of fresh air. For having been a cloudy day, the temperature sure was still pretty decent and enjoyable. Again another glorious weekend spend with the people I love.

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