Saturday, October 24, 2009

Work on a Saturday!

Today it is once again my Saturday to work, and it's gonna be a long one. I woke up this morning at around 3:35 am, and just couldn't get back to sleep, even the hours before weren't filled with great sleep either, so at 4:30 am I finally got up, went into the basement to tend my daily routine, took a bath, got dressed, made lunch and left the house at 7am, damn was it dark outside, you thought it was the middle of the night, I went to Timmies to get some coffee(s), and got to work early, but of course not as early as Jaime lol....omg, I want to beat him here just once, but not sure what time I would have to get up for that. It's funny, they don't start until 8 am but by 7:30 pretty much the whole gang is here and they just chat and chat and chat, worse than any group of women I have ever seen, and they all pretty much work together too lol, so it's not like they haven't seen each other since last week. I just think it's funny.
Since the boss been sick for the last three days, she didn't leave me any work and in all honesty I am not gonna look for any either lol...I turned on the PC, and had a chance for a nice chat with a friend, about life and the show they seen last night, and everything is good in my world.
I spent the day cleaning and reorganizing some of the cupboards in our Preschool room, seems like everybody just wants to store their stuff in our room, so there is some reclaiming of our space to do and so far it's going pretty good, all that is left is the puzzle cupboards, everything is back under our control lol....
I did bring my Donkey with me, but actually haven't touched him since Wednesday Stitch group and there are only 10 more days left until the next big project is suppose to start. I don't really see the donkey being done by that date as I had originally planned. Oh well....what's one more on the list of UFOs.

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