Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Night!

After a busy long day at work, and really feeling tired, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to attend all these social events, that were planned for this evening,I hardly ever go out, but when it's time to go out, there are usually more than one venue planned for the same day or right in a row of days, seems like it never fails. First I attended, well I should just say made an appearance at a friends 50th birthday bash, it was really nice to see so many people out and I really wished I could have stayed longer, it was nice to see faces, I usually only see once a year at the Backyard Bash, but it is always nice to see them. Of course it was like always nice to see my friend in yellow, I do miss spending time with her, which we really haven't done much lately, mainly because I have been in my antisocial moods a lot. lol....After getting her husband all wound up over a talk we need to have, I left and picked up my friend to go to a Buck and Doe. It was odd to walk in there, besides the bride and two of her coworkes I knew abosloutely nobody, not even by sight, usually there is at least one or two person I know at functions like that, but there nobody. The music was great, a very good mixture of old and new music, from country to hip hop. And that was pretty much my enjoyment of the whole evening, the time just flew by and what was suppose to be a short night for me, turned into staying almost til the end. When we left the Lions Park, boy it sure was freezing cold out there, I took my friend home and then fell exhausted into my bed a few minutes later, slept well but woke up with a major headache, one could think I was drinking all night, in all honesty I only had one drink, that is usually enough for me.

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