Monday, October 19, 2009

A Monday full of accomplishments...

...well at least all those I had set out to do. After doing a very small favour for a friends early this morning, I headed to Hamilton to the Limeridge Mall to get one particular thing at the BODY SHOP for my friend's birthday tomorrow. I found there exactly what I needed and a few things more, and then browsed in the OLD NAVY store, since I still had some money to spend from a gift card I had received for my birthday, I accomplished getting one person of my Christmas and Birthday list by buying two shirts and a complete outfit and I still had money to buy myself a hoddie, at the unbelievable price of less than 7 Dollars, I couldn't resist that and a warm hoddie will come in handy for my December plans, plus a "Just because" gift for another friend, and just because she might like it. Then I stopped by Michaels to get a frame for my latest Moose picture and just my luck, the frames where 50% off, so that made me smile of course. So really so far I had all these things and I have spent less than $20, well I should have went home, but no..I had to stop at my favourite store " Chapters" and I think I never ever walked out of chapters without buy one thing at least, well I bought three, two stitching magazines( and I feel instant stitcher's ADD coming on) and a book I wanted for a while now....well damage almost $80....ouch.....but oh well. I went home, managed to even get some groceries, spend a few minutes on the phone with a friend and am now just playing on the productive is that...ok...i will go into the basement and do some laundry.....and off to work later this evening.

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