Sunday, October 11, 2009

A blistery day... keep with my own little Thanksgiving tradition, today was a day to spend one last day with the Donkeys, before they close up for the winter months and not reopen until May. Thank god the sun was shining and the weather was better than originally predicted for this day, but boy the wind sure was cold and I had a constant drippy nose and my fingers were just freezing. The drive up there was like always on a sunny fall day absolutely beautiful and the colours of the trees where in full array.On one of the side roads right in front of me, there were five wild turkeys crossing the road, I guess they escape being someone's dinner, made me smile as I watch them hustle into the bush. I had a big bag of carrots for the donkeys, and a bag full of Zehrs receipts to hand over for their part of a fundraiser. Of course a donkey sees you walk with carrots, you have an instant new friend, so I left them with the girl at the Longear boutique, not to have a immediate following of donkeys. One of my favourites, Gordon, was right there at the entrance to greet everybody, he has come such a long way, from this shy timid donkey to one that loves cuddles, but only on his terms. Hershey is still band from the herd on Open Days, because of his mischievous mishaviour he displays towards people on those days. All I can think of is, that people just need to be more responsible in their own action towards these animals, and then things wouldn't happen. I have missed seeing him the last few visits, because he is in a separate part of the fields, but I got a glimpse of him today and that made me happy. Sable is doing well and is quite happy and content in the company of two miniature donkeys called Poppy and Pansy ( mother and daughter), they seem to have kind of adopted Sable, as the three are always seen together. I got to spend some time with another donkey, Angus, who also displays similar behaviour problems like my beloved Hershey. It's always amazing to me, how people manage to mess up even animals, by their actions, we seem to be the only species, that does not only harm to our self and mankind, but everything around us that is part of our world. Angus was standing there with me good 45 minutes, while I scratched his behind. Donkeys love their behinds scratched, even more than their ears. Every time I moved towards his head to scratch his ears, he would walk by me and put his behind right in front of me, like it surely couldn't have been anymore direct than that...I also hanged out with a goat, who just loved getting his bearded chin scratched, reminded me somehow of my dad, he he I didn't stay as long as I would have liked, one because it was so cold and second I had dinner guest coming over at 2 pm. When I got home, the scent of a roasting turkey lingered through the house, as it was put in the oven just before I set out to the donkey farm.All I had to do was turn on the stove to cook the rest of the vegetables, which were also ready to go before I was leaving...nothing gonna mess up my Thanksgiving Day, not even cooking a dinner for the family and guest. Dinner was lovely if I might say so and even so I am not a fan of pumpkin pies, the ones that Grandma makes are sure the best. They stayed til about 6 pm and now the house is nicely cleaned again and quiet, everybody is just lounging around and I think I had a little bit of too much fresh air, because I am really tired. So another hour for me and it will be bedtime. Woo hoo.
Hershey in Halfway Haven

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