Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gone too soon! Saying Good-Bye!

This sure is taking me for a totally unexpected loop, since I heard of your passing, I have shed more tears for you and for your family, than I have probably for all the people that have been in my life, came and went, for whatever reasons. I am not sure why your death has this huge impact on me, I only have known you for brief moments ever so often, I heard about you almost daily from my son, how much he admired you, how much he thought of you as a person, a boss and mostly as a friend. You had a huge positive impact on him, you stood up for the all "kids" under your care, and I call them kids, because you treated them like yours, even in your roll as their boss, you were always on the lookout for their best interest, for them being the best they can be, I know they complained about you at times, but they all loved you. The news of your passing was such a shock to them and all of us, you were far too young to have to go, and I can't even begin to imagine what your family is going through right now, and they are in my thoughts and prayers. After your visitation Friday night, some of "your kids" were here at my house, I think for most of them it was the first loss of a close person and friend, pretty much all of them agreed that they do take their parents for granted too much, and it had a big impact on them that you were the age of their mothers right now, I think that really made them take notice and how fragile and precious life really is, some were talking or working with you the day before, so how could you be gone just the very next day, that was hard for them to comprehend. I just hope you are in a better place, you touched so many lives in so many good ways, you will never be forgotten. I must say, I have been really proud of Alex over the last few days, I know it has really been hard on him, he went to the visitations to say good bye to Jackie and Saturday to the funeral, I am proud of having a son who is not afraid to cry. I am also proud of all the Williams "kids" how they have pulled together and held each other up, as have the managers helped them and each other through it.Staff from the Downtown Williams covered the West street Williams during Saturday business hours, to let staff from there attend the funeral. Jackie will surely be missed there, not just by staff but also customers.

Rest in Peace, Jackie! Nov.64-Sept.09

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