Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Front Desk Gang

A couple of months ago I set out to look for some of my friends from my time in Mittenwald, this goes back now almost 22 years but through moves and marriages we lost contact, but they were never far from my mind, since this was one of the best time in my life time. I first found my housemate at the end of last year and we have been in contact since, I tried some of my other friends, but had no real luck finding them, until one day I just emailed one of the girls, who had the same name as my friend and it turned out to actually be her, and things just took of from there, I found more of them and some found me, and by now the whole front desk gang is almost complete, only one key guy missing, but I am sure he will surface sooner or later. It has definitely been fun to reconnect and rediscover each other and the happening in our lifes. This morning I got a message from my former boss as she was looking for me on STAYFRIENDS. With some of the others we are already planning a get together for the next time I am back home, and what better place than the infamous BODENALM, where so many afternoons and nights were spent laughing and drinking.....hmmmm somehow it seems to be the theme of my life....isn't that what I do now too...

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