Thursday, September 03, 2009

Carrot walk at the DSC

Every day at 3:30 pm the donkeys at the DSC go on their carrot walk, by 3:10 pm like clockwork they start all to round themselves up in front of the barn surrounding caretaker Kyle patiently in big anticipation of the treat of the day. The closer it gets to the actual event the louder they get, and seem to be anxious for the show to get on the road. We gathered along the fence beside the parking lot to observe this event and soon enough there comes Kyle, the donkey caretaker and his huge orange bucket filled with carrots and the donkeys all nicely in line (in the beginning) are right behind him, of course there are some donkey stragglers, and some stop for a little snack of grass or a sand bath along the way, but in the end all of them make it to the final destination, a field in the DSC and the place where Kyle then divides out the carrots. Donkeys love carrots almost as much as bunnies do. It is definitely a sight to see, and this was my first time observing it, even though I have been at the DSC countless times. What can I say, it's one of my favourite places to visit.

A note on Kyle, the donkey main caretaker, barn manager and volunteer coordinator. I have known Kyle now for a little bit over 2 years, and he is absolutely amazing. The love he has for these animals, the passion he displays in the way he takes care of them, the compassion for their state of being at any given moment, the knowledge he has about these animals, their individual stories and heartaches, it is all so visible to even a one time visitor, and it is an absolute pleasure to watch him. It might be his job, but you can tell it's more than a job to him, it's his life and that is so admirable. He really is an inspiration and always a pleasure to see and have a chat with. He really makes the DSC what it is for the donkeys, a safe haven. Great Job!

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