Saturday, August 15, 2009


....right now I am not sure what hurts more, my behind, my hands or my knees. I embarked on a little trail trip with the bike today, not really sure where and how far I was going, I took it easy and slow, since it was pretty hot to begin with. The trails in front of our house are quite nice and well maintained and it is always fun to ride on them, but one has to have a destination in mind, unfortunately you have to come back pretty much the same way you came, since there are no loops and that has always been my own limit in my head, that I can only go as far as I know I can make it back too, which at times hasn't been that far, but today I was going to tackle a little bit of a distance, not as far as I wanted, but the trails are pretty isolated and quiet, so I thought I better not push it, because you are really out there in the boonies with nobody to help you if you run into trouble. The part I took as still somewhat among civilization but the second part would have been out in nowhere land and I wasn't going to jinx it, and I was pretty sure I would get there, but getting back well not bloody likely. So I took of from our house along the trail, past Mohawk Chapel, the Soccer fields, along the river to the downtown, under the Colborne Street brigde, past the Water Works Park all the way to the Wilkes Damn, where I took a little break, before heading back home. Halfway home my rear end let me know that it just about had enough of this uncomfortable seat. It was still quite a way from home, but I made it home safely, got of the bike and painfully made it to the back yard where I just sat for a while to catch my breath and to give my knees a second to recover....ouch.

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