Sunday, June 14, 2009

Donkey Day!

What a perfect day for Donkey Day! The last three years that I have attended Donkey Day at the DSC the weather has always cooperated nicely and today was just the same, nice blue sky , sun shining and the wind in your face. I ventured to the Farm all by myself today, Savannah couldn't join due to a prior commitment at the studio. The drive through the country was like always very nice and relaxing. The usually quiet farm was buzzing with tons of visitors, which was nice to see, since it is their one and only major fundraising event of the year. Every year they offer something new and this year was no exception, I found it very educational this time around, which was great and it's always nice to learn something new. The donkeys really enjoy seem to enjoy this day and all the attention. It was the first time that one was able to go into the donkey barn and the usual enclosure of the donkeys, most of them were out in one of the other areas, while a handful of very gentle donkeys were kept in the barn for grooming and just plain old up close and personal cuddle time. While spending some time with a donkey named Abbey, she decided to change standing position and placed her front foot right on top of my big toe, damn I couldn't get her off fast enough, damn that hurt. Better watch next time how I stand since I don't think Abbey cares where she goes. lol...Besides a little pain, I had a great day in the country and am looking forward to the next visit.

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