Monday, May 18, 2009

Here comes Wonder woman!

Not really sure what powers Wonder Woman possesses, but I was mighty strong today.The Superhero theme has been ongoing at work in an all boys class on Tuesday, and since my P.I.C and I are the only girls in that group we had to be female superheroes according to the boys. Even though my finger was a little bit old ( who knows what that had to do with it), I was duped the Wonder Woman, and today I proved I am fit for that title...over the last few months we lost a few trees in the windstorms, and they were caught in other trees and dangled dangerously over our back yard forest, so we decided it was time to get them somehow down to the ground. While the male member of this household might be good with the tools, my strength had nothing on him today, and after a few pull and tucks with ropes I brought single handed some of these tree giants down to the ground while he (just like any man) stood there and watched my suffer. Well I have the cuts on hands and legs to prove my deeds today. So watch out Batman, Superman, Robin,and Spider man, here comes Wonder woman.

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