Thursday, February 05, 2009


Well since I couldn't do anything on my day off, but sit here and rest, is that exactly what I did. I turned on the fireplace in the Moose Room, turned on the TV and luckily there was a marathon on A&E of my favourite TV show, well besides having my leg up all day and watching TV I actually did pick up my latest crosstitch picture and worked pretty much all day on it, proudly must admit that I did get quite a lot of it done and it's starting to look like something and it will be oh so cute....I can't wait until it is finished. Well I am gonna go back on my bed, put some more ice on my leg and compress it some more, which seemed to work and help for a few hours until it becomes unbearable to keep the compression on and I just can't get it off me fast enough....well I have to be in somewhat good shape to go to work tomorrow, since I will be in deep **** otherwise. lol.......ok ok P.I.C I am coming.

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