Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hmmmmmm Gummy worms - my new addiction

I know that I do have an addictive personality, which makes me vulnerable to taking things to the extreme at times. I know that I do most things whole hearted or not at all. I might not be addicted to what most would consider addiction like alcohol, drugs or smoking, but an addiction is anything that is done compulsively and it might be self destructive.'Addictive behavior can invaded every aspect of our life today. We all feel the cloud of concern about becoming addictive - preoccupation with weight, smoking, drinking too much, or being caught in an excess of spending, acquiring, gambling, sex or work.'' Among other activities which, done in excess, have been characterized as addictive behavior are caffeine consumption, eating of chocolates or other sugar-laden foods, television watching, playing video games and even running.
Not all addictions are equally harmful and not all behavior that could lead to addiction necessarily does. Drugs and alcohol are classified as hard addictions because of the quickness of it affecting someone's life, while others are classified as soft addictions, because the consequences are not felt immediately.
Anything that involves excessive, repetitive use of pleasurable activities to cope with unmanageable internal conflict, pressure and stress can be seen as an addiction. Compulsiveness Is a key.
There are some personality traits that can contribute to addiction, e.g.
*Impulsive behavior
*difficulty in delaying gratification,
*an antisocial personality
*a sense of heightened stress.
Often in the fight to stop on addiction one starts to substitute it for another, which kind of helps for the moment but not in the long run, I noticed that e.g. I substituted my addiction for hardcore chocolate and cookies and cakes, by the lesser evil of GUMMY WORM, no nutritional value whatsoever, but hey FAT FREE lol.

My addictions:
*Gummy worms
*rice krispy squares
*shopping ( for purses and clothes)

My Could- be -addictions (if I let myself go there):

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