Sunday, February 15, 2009

100 random facts about me

1. I am the oldest of two children.
2. According to my mother I was a preemie .....4 months early lol.....who was she kidding?
3. I always was my grandmother's favourite.
4. I love to travel.
5. There are some German children books titled " Martina und Matthias", they came out way after we were born.
6. After graduation from High school I started an apprenticeship for Hotel management, but never finished it.
7. I once drove into a parked car and wrecked it totally.
8. I am a tech freak, even though mostly I don't have a clue how stuff works.
9. I am currently driving my dream car: a Jeep.
10. If I was a boy my name would have been Frederick....aren't I lucky? As girl the choice was between Martina and Tatjana.
11. I love going to live concerts and performances.
12. I never owned a dog....only cats and guinea pigs.
13. Our family doctor always thought I had MUMPS when he came for house calls, because of my chubby cheeks as a kid.I only
had Mumps once though.
14. I don't have a middle name.
15. I never wear makeup....I am natural beauty.....he he he.
16. If I could go back in time I would want my grandmother's life to be better.
17. My first car was a GM Manta, I had to give it up because my mom thought it had too many HP for a beginner and could
drive too fast......according to # 84 she was right. Then I got a Ford Fiesta with 40HP.....he he he....what a joke...still
managed to get a speeding ticket with that one too....but it was down hill.
18. My favourite subject in school was BIOLOGY... once dissected a male grasshopper and extracted his testicles.
19. I took some computer courses at Mohawk College.
20. I do like to crosstitch. Especially on Wednesdays.
21. I was drunk at my own confirmation.
22. I don't lie about my age.
23. I want to learn Spanish or Italian.
24. I am an observer, I don't miss much.
25. I love summer and warm weather.
26. I was born in Dingolfing and spend most of my life there.
27. I am not very spontaneous, but when I am, I have done some crazy wild things in my saying more.
28. I failed almost every English class.
29. My favourite TV shows are The Sopranos and The first 48 hours.
30. I can be quite OC.
31. I am a Canadian citizen.
32. I love sitting by water...whether it's by the ocean, or a lake or river or even just in my backyard by the fountain.
33. I love walking barefooted through water puddles after a warm summer downpour.
34. I love surfing the net.
35. My favourite colours are blue( light, navy, aquamarine) and green.
36. I love Stand up comedy.
37. I love Robin Williams.
38. I never driven in a limo.
39. I want to work in Africa as a Aid worker.
40. I love to wear hoodies.
41. I never had a sister now I have 14 and I love them all.
42. My first "real" job was like a never ending vacation in the Alps, with periods of work.
43. I want to go skiing.
44. My brother has a learning disability and runs a company...go figure....wonder what's wrong with me then.
45. I used to figure skate.
46. My favourite animals are Donkeys, squirrels and koalas
47. I love cold strawberry wine or tropical punch on a hot summer afternoon.
48. I used to be good at playing soccer.....must be the German in me lol
49. My favourite childhood TV shows were MORK AND MINDY and MY UNCLE BILL.
50. I never drive my car without playing music.
51. I can be a bitch if I see the need to be.
52. I love ITALY and anything italien, again including food and men lol.
53. I hate stress but I work best under it.
54. I am an introvert and proud of it.
55. I have one nephew and two nieces.
56. I have a tattoo on my right ankle:a cross with forget-me-nots wrapped around and my dad's initial.
57. My licence plate is my Maiden name.
58. I do have stories to tell that I can't tell no one lol.
59. I wanted to be a veterinarian.
60. I am not superstitious.
61. Sometimes I am too softhearted.
62. I love Latin music and think Latin men are hot and sexy....:)
63. I love chocolate.
64. I want to drive a Vespa scooter.
65. I can stare for hours over the ocean.
66. I don't like boat rides.
67. I sometimes get restless and just want to do stuff, but never do.
68. When I was 38 I got a metal BARBIE Camper for a gift lol.....I always wanted one as a little girl and never got one. It's
amazing what you can find on EBay.
69. I would follow Jeremy Hotz anywhere.
70. I want to go tree top trekking and horseback riding on a beach.
71. My favourite Disney character is "Flower".
72. My favourite food is Lasagna.
73. I have a debilitating fear of doing anything in front of others.
74. I only broke one bone in my body in my entire life so far, and that didn't happen until I was 27 years old.
75. I drove once a famous German actor to the Train station.
76. I love unpaved country back roads that never end but lead to nowhere.
77. I want to run a 5K.
78. I can't sing....only in my car with the windows rolled up....
79. I loved going shopping with my maternal grandfather.
80. I don't like roller coasters.
81. The highest tip I ever got was $ 30 for doing nothing lol....the guy had to carry his own suitcase to his room because I
couldn't lift it. he he he.
82. I want to live on a farm with horses and donkeys.
83. The most expensive dinner I ever had was billed at almost $ 150. But it was well deserved and I didn't have to pay.
84. I drove once from Nuremberg to Dingolfing in 1 hour and 10mins, a drive that usually takes two hours..gotta love the
85. I loved spending Sunday afternoon with my dad at his school in the physics lab and do all kinds of experiments.
86. I don't have my tonsils or my appendix anymore and I am minus a lymph node.
87. My biggest fear is abandonment.
88. I have seen the Mona Lisa smile.
89. My dad was a math and physics teacher, both subjects I sucked at..... maybe I am the milk man's daughter after all. lol.
90. I managed to get the guy I had a crush on for most of my childhood and teenage years.....even if was for just a summer
vacation lol.
91. I over analyze a lot of things...I am a silent thinker.
92. My favourite flowers are carnations and forget-me-nots.
93. My favourite restaurant is Moose Winooski
94. I am scared of snakes, bats, spiders and bugs.
95. I do love to exercise....and no I am not drunk.
96. I do love ZUMBA
97. I got betrayed by a best friend at least once.
98. I do take care of ME finally.
99. I have spend many lonely days and nites in hospitals. I guess it's a good place for me to be when someone needs a break
from me lol.
100. I have a whole bag of unfinished crosstich pictures.

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

you forgot one.

101. You were 35 when you found out that wine tasted better if you took the lid off.