Sunday, January 04, 2009

Well, well what do you

Well it is my birthday today and I must say I once again got spoiled with lots of goodies and well wishes. My inbox in my email was filled with birthday cards from far and near, there were birthday wishes on my Facebook wall, many phonecalls from overseas and off course plenty of presents plus a hidden Christmas present......which I thought showed again my simple and humble side lol.....see I wasn't tearing stuff apart to look for more, never am..... :). It also came to light again that some of my friends do have a warped sense of humour, like giving me LINEN as a present......I had to laugh at that one, the same happened when I open a present from my coworker.....a bottle of wine....called "Girls Night Out", I am sure we could Zumba a lot better after that brother got me a Spongebob sock for my Ipod...very funny ....I got a beautiful top,a gorgeous
Moose Lamp for my Moose room, lots of gift cards, beautiful flowers, that were eaten by the cat already and some beautiful glittery jewelry. Mom coooked a beautiful Birthday dinner but no desert.
Well I definitely can't complain and I would like to thank everybody for the birthday wishes and all my beautiful presents. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BUTT, BECAUSE IT"S BIGGER THAN MY HEART. :)

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