Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am not that much of a reader, well at least not when it comes to novels, I do love to read however books I can learn something from, especially if it is something I can relate to and implement or improve on in my own life. Some books are really great, some have an enormous impact on me, and others, well let's just say I understand their concept and even might agree with the concept, I just can't seem to apply them to my own life. Any book is only as good as you the reader are willing to be open to it and ready to accept the things that are written about. The best book that I have ever read and I got the most out of for myself was "The Introvert Advantage".


I am reading another good book right now, it's called "The Dance of Deception", which examines the central challenge in women's lives, Truth telling, the foundation of intimacy, self-regard, and joy. At the center of a woman's life is the quest to discover, speak and live her own truth, to cease living a life dictated and defined by others. Dr. Lerner articulates her rich philosophy and thoughtful guidelines about speaking out and holding back. She shows us how honesty can sometimes impede truth telling—and how "creative pretending" can be a bold move toward the truth, rather than a misdirected flight from it.
From sexual faking to family secrets, readers will be rewarded with important insights and guidelines for widening the path to truth-telling with the key people in our lives.
Well it's like I said before, everybody lies, sometimes it's to protect others, sometimes to protect ourselves, sometimes because we just plainly want to lie about something, We all do it, for whatever reason, for whatever purpose , we lie to others and to ourselves. Our relationships are affected by lying and faking, by silence and pretending. And everybody does it....e.g. .have you not told your begging child who wants to get something out of a candy machine or go on the ride at the mall, that you have no change? I know I have and I hear it every day, we lie for convinience, we lie because we are tired and don't want to deal with something right now etc.

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