Friday, December 12, 2008

Kudos to us...

Well I am not one to bathe in the glory of success, neither in an arrogant way nor in it in general, but I must say, we had had an amazing session of Fall programs at the Centre. We gotten so many nice Christmas cards from the parents with positive comments and much appreciation for a job well done. Some even went as far as saying " you're the greatest", well I wouldn't go that far, but it sure is nice to know that our job means something to some of them, and even tough we aren't educators, we spend a lot of times teaching kids things for life, other then the educational part, the more important parts, like friendship, acceptance and love. We had amazing kids and pretty cool, levelheaded parents and I must say even though at times we complain about the job, it was probably one of the best sessions we had since I started there over 8 years ago. Here is to us, my PIC.
We can hold our heads up high after this one...and all that without a title......WOOHOO!

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