Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funny thing

And some actually do believe that copying someone isn't the best flattery....well I beg to differ.....I used to write a monthly newsletter about the happening in my life here in Canada to my friends and family overseas, but time wise and effort wise it kind of died down, and the news letters were far and few in between, so I decided to start a new blog titled "Life in Canada" to keep everybody informed. I only send it to some friends and relatives, the ones I usually still keep in touch with anyway, so I have quite a few followers for that, which is great and I am sure they appreciate to hear from me once in a while. While one of the fondest follower is my little nephew, and not that I didn't see it coming, because he is a real computer whiz, but he commented on one of the entries and informed me that he would like to start his own blog to keep us here informed....and he named it "Life in Bayern". Too cute, he does that all the time, I know he just totally idiolizes me, not sure why, but he does....He is too cute, and I am sure flattered.

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