Monday, September 01, 2008

The stronger sex..... man .....yeah right!

Okay before I get into trouble and accused of man bashing or man hating it's not like that, not at all, I just want to clear this up right upfront, some of them you can actually love. But on the weekend I had a little man experience that really showed again, that behind that big strong man persona that they portray are really just little boys scared of the big world out there. This is nothing demeaning towards men, it's just I am tired of them pretending they rule the world,their arrogance towards everything that is different than them and/or everybody who thinks different than them and then when it comes down to the nitty gritty stuff of things the man that is suppose to stand beside you, behind you, is nowhere to be found, because it is all too much for them to handle. These are my experiences with men in my life, men I have observed, friend's men, men I work with, men I worked for etc. Nothing personal against men, nothing but my observation and experiences. As girls growing up we all want our knight in shining armour, someone strong, who looks out for us, protects us and for whom we are of high priority, but reality is not like this and all we really have is ourselves.
To every rule there are exceptions and if you have a man that is an exception well you better hold on to him, because they are far and few in between.
In society men are expected to be a certain way, act strong, don't show any emotions, don't cry, for me real men do cry, real men show emotions and are not ashamed of who and what they are and don't have to put others down to make themselves look better.
Well on the weekend one of my boys had to go( well he chose that place) out to college on his own, after having had the last few years of hell with him, mouth wise, attitude wise, lack of respect wise and pretty much being a pain in the ass, doesn't mean I don't love him, and I can accept it as somewhat normal adolescence behaviour, when it came down to the good byes, it was heart breaking, this usually full of attitude big and loudmouth know it all was all of a sudden a little boy again, who had to face something new, could have been just like the first day in Kindergarten, with hugs so tight that I was ready to pass out, tears in his eyes and kisses he said good-bye to the family. I don't knock him for being emotional or scared, it's totally normal, but it just baffles my brain because this behaviour doesn't go with the usual type of displayed behaviour. Well guess you're not as tough as you wanted everybody to believe you are.

Women can handle a lot more than man, e.g. I remember when I was really sick years ago and in the hospital for weeks, I was taken out of the hospital against mine and the doctors wishes, because I was needed at home. Needed at home? What ? You can't handle the kids, work and household all at once? Yeah but it is expected from every full time working mother, when do we get to say, I can't handle it why don't you stay home and help out.

Men get sick and the whole world needs to know it and needs to tend to their needs and concerns, women get sick, get things checked out, deal with it and on to the next thing, still while being sick and dealing with the world around them. I still yet have to be sick and be mothered and looked after by my family, or at least left alone while trying to recuperate.

Men worry too much about things they have no control over, things that they can't change, ok we might worry about your big ass, but he will be ok, I mean we can do something about it if we really wanted.

Men give little things way to much power over them and then let the world experience their frustration with the world, don't sweat the small stuff....I am sure the cat is really out to piss you off ongoing issue at our house.... well I didn't know that the cat was that smart to do something deliberate, usually it's the pet's owner's fault or responsibility...but hey you think they are all out to get you....way to go kitties.

Men mostly think things are about them when in reality things have nothing to do with them, don't give yourself so much credit, you are not the be all to our existance. Sorry for the news flash here.

Women have issues, we deal with them, don't blame others for our misfortune, and we actually are able to admit our shortcomings and faults and try to work on them, and it's not always somebody else's fault.

And how is it that you want me to get a better paying job so we can do what needs to be done while you spend every penny on others, only because they meet your approval, and that you encourage me to go after some high power job, that I don't want, but you think would be great for me and how good I would be at it, and how am I suppose to have the confidence to go after a job like this, when according to you I can't even load a f****** dishwasher right, wanna explain that one to me?

Men, some are better left in their caves, well at least for as long as they act like caveman while roaming amongst us.
But nevertheless we can't live with them and we can't live without them., but sometimes it sure would be easier. :)

Macho doesn't prove mucho.
Gabor, Zsa Zsa

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