Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The last long weekend of the summer

Wow what a beautiful weekend it was, lots of sunshine, and even the fact that I foolishly volunteered to take over some shift at work for the weekend, didn't damper the enjoyment of the last long summer weekend.
Saturday was mainly spent at work and it was fine, no problems, lots of work to be done and though the time flew like crazy. Came home, made a late dinner and then played on the Wii Fit board a bit, it's amazing how much fun this is and you are actually working up a sweat. I am getting quite good at the Aerobic Step classes.
Sunday morning was back to work, only til lunchtime and when I got home everything was packed for one of the boys to move on to the next adventure in his must admit I never saw this day coming and I was handling it way better than he was, I know it is a scary new step, but one everybody must take sooner or later. I do remember the day my parents dropped me off at the hotel I was starting my apprenticeship, standing in this huge parking lot waving good-bye as I watched them drive off. It's not easy, but something that is necessary at one point. His dad went with him, to help him set everything up and get him settled in. So it was just the three of us left at the house, we ordered pizza, according to whatever anybody wanted....woohoo...can't remember the last time I had on pizza what I wanted. WOW that's a first for a long time! And we watched some TV.
Yesterday I went for Breakfast with a friend, it was absolutely delicious and an nice place to go to. I had never been there before, so it was a nice treat. After that we took a little trip out to Smitty's Gift Emporium and browse thru the newly set up Fall decorations. Hard to believe that summer is as good as over. The rest of the day I spent on the deck back stitching, but it's still not completed,so there is another goal that I didn't achieve, but hey I am oh so close, sure that will count for something.
So now it's Tuesday morning, the princess is getting ready for her first day of school, the other boy is still enjoying another day off, since his classes and assemblies don't start until Wednesday and I am off to work, but I rather be stitching....oh well, maybe later... Have a great the other "Mother's Day".

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