Monday, August 18, 2008


Well on our trip to NIAGARA FALLS I had a few WOW moments...the most predominant one was WOW I can't believe my feet hurt that much.
The other WOWs had more to do with the wonder of the World itself. We got there about noon and our first adventure was a tour on the MAID of the MIST. Even though I have been to Niagara Falls now many times I have never been on the MAID of the MIST and I must say, it should be an absolute must for anybody visiting Niagara Falls, and I know I want to go on it again and again, it was just absolutely incredible.To be pretty much right under the Falls, to look up and see the water going over the edge towards you, is absolutely mind blowing and breathtaking. And even though it always looked a little bit scare to me watching it up from above, it wasn't scary at all, wet maybe, but nothing to be afraid of. After this adventure we made our way to the Horseshoe falls, where the visitors were just blown away by the beautiful sight. We decided to take the tour behind the Falls, just to get a feel of the masses of water that rush down the Falls. At the observation deck at the bottom of it, right beside the falls, we got soaked and one looked like have been in a major storm on the open water afterwards, so we just relaxed for a while to get dry. We made our way back towards Cliffton Hill and took in the sights and sounds of that area, of course we had to go to Hard rock Cafe and the Hershey store, where everybody enjoyed a huge Reese's Pieces Peanut butter Cookie. We walked up the Hill and my cousin and his girlfriend visited a few of the haunted houses, we sat and drank water by the bottles and just enjoyed our time. At 8: 30 we made our way back down to the falls, in anticipation of the Fireworks. We sat for a while across the American Falls enjoying the view of the changing colours of the Fall and a bright red full moon just above the Falls, it was absolutely gorgeous. We walked along the boardwalk more towards the Canadian Falls and found a spot to sit down and just watch. The fireworks started right on time and were just WOW, especially the Grand Finale. There were sights that were definately worth the wait and the sore feet, back and shoulders. By 10:20 pm we were back on the road to go home, and arrive back at the house by 11:30pm.
Boy was I glad when I could take my shoes off and put my feet up. Everybody pretty much fell exhausted in to their beds, but WOW what a beautiful day.

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