Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Rest of the Day

Well yesterday morning it was time to wrap up the short visit with his favourite cousin.:) I think we all had a great time and shared a lot of laughter, it's funny how just even the two of us can make the same atmospere as at any family reunion between the Reckows and the Aischs. We all have the same sense of humour and poke fun of each other and everything else. So there is always a lot of giggling and "I can't believe you just said this" around when we get together. This is the part I miss the most of my family.
This girlfriend fits perfectly into the family and it was nice to finally get to know her. The two of them just reminded me so much of my aunt and uncle, it's like deja vu to watch those to interact, so that was really nice to experience.
I dropped them of at the Airport at 9:15 and had a little teary good-bye and then it was back to reality. They are of to another dream visit at NYC. I am sure they will have a great time.
On my way back I had a brief phone conversation with a dear friend of mine, the updates weren't as good as we had both hoped they would be by now, but the main part is that they are optimistic and are actually feeling a little better. So that is good, even if the tests show otherwise. Well this hopefully too shall pass. It was just great to hear from them and to touch base. So that made my day, even though I still worry a lot about them.
The afternoon I spent with my cross stitch buddy and we had a nice time sitting in her backyard and moving under the Gazebo as the rolling rainstorms moved over us. It was just pouring and soaking everything, but we managed to stay somewhat dry and just enjoyed the sight of the down pour.

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