Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tattoo Party

Well I have heard about Tattoo Parties from my hockey guys at work quite often and it sounded like a lot of fun. Now one of the Stitichng Sister's announced the other night that she will host a tattoo party at her place sometime in September....hmmmm I am thinking to myself, would be fun to go and get a tattoo since I always wanted one, but there are different reasons why I don't have one for now. Well as I am thinking the same old question comes up of what would I want a tattoo of? It should represent something that you stand for or like, well at least in my mind it should. So I am thinking and thinking and as for right now I am pretty sure I am not in the right mental state of mind to make a decision like this, it would be too negative probably anti -mankind and just derogatory towards myself. As I am still thinking a few things come to mind...maybe across my ass the words "EMBRACE MY BIG FAT ASS", then I thought about the cartoon picture of the book "Embracing your big fat ass", it's a beautiful picture of a woman with a big fat ass, but only one problem she has really skinny legs and that is just the next picture comes to mind....seen it the other day in a cross stitch magazine, really got my attention and I thought those chubby lifelike girls on the beach in their bikinis were just absolutely adorable with all the big asses, cellulite legs etc, but then maybe having half naked B-FABs on one's body wouldn't be the right choice either, so I don't really know and as long as I don't know I won't get one....maybe......well almost certain...but who knows....just kidding.... :)

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