Monday, June 16, 2008

What's your flavour?

Well with all these different kinds of coffee shops popping up everywhere, like Tim Horton's, Williams, Second cup, Starbucks, just to name the most recognizable ones, it's hard to figure out which one is one's favourite, I like one or another thing from any of them, but I must say, I do not understand the fascination of Starbucks as the be all and everything. Given the flavoured iced frappacino things are ok, beside having a million calories( and really since when am I concerned about calories anyway?), but omg I just absolutely hate their coffees. I guess coffee doesn't always equal coffee or the taste that one is used to. I gave it a try a few times lately, but I must say, it's not my cup of tea ah I mean coffee, and usually I don't really care as from where it is, as long it is a nice and hot cup of coffee, but Starbucks I can honestly say I can do without and even if I am desperate for a coffee fix, I rather go without then have Starbucks.
So what's your favourite coffee shop and coffee flavour?

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Anonymous said...

flavor= Hazelnut
location= OOTD