Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pay it forward again

Paying it forward and random acts of kindness have always been a concept dear to my heart, it amazes me how strange some people react towards it though, like they think you want something in return. Some people are really perplexed with the sudden kindness of a stranger, and kind of show some mistrust, which I guess in the kind of society we live nowadays, that is to be expected. Not a lot of people do things for others, to others, just out of their goodness of their heart, seems like there are too many strings attached to so many things, some buy other people's friendship, some won't do you a favour without getting something in return, one way or another,but that is not the thought behind these two concepts. They should not require any thought or reasoning, if I have to think about if I want to do this or not, then I kind of , maybe even unconsiously attach an expectation to it. Random acts of kindness are just small ways of doing something unexpected nice for someone, it can be as small as holding a door open for the next person behind you, even if they are still ways behind you, helping some elder person carrying their groceries etc. Nothing has to be big, it doesn't have to cost a dime or just little or as much as you want to spend, depending on what you can afford or want to do.
Paying it forward is meant to inspire the recipient of your kindness, to do so forward to another person, it's to keep the cycle going, but not around in a small group, but the cycle expending, kind of like the ripple effect, one kindness inspires the next, no thanks to pay it back, but to pay it forward to someone else. And if everybody would be paying it forward we all would be living in a better world. Too many people are stuck in the mode of "what do I get out of it", or "what do I gain from this". And in the true meaning of it, what I get out of it, is a good feeling and the sense of having made a difference for a second in someone's life, that makes me feel important and that makes the other person feel important and appreciated. Simple as that.

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