Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday night rituals

Well since I have not worked a Tuesday night in over a year now, some new rituals for Tuesday evening have been developed. Pretty much every Tuesday evening is spend with my dear friend B., sometimes we have dinner at their house, sometimes we go out for dinner, but one thing is pretty much a constant that is our weekly trip to Value Village...well usually I am not a big fan of things like that, but I am getting the hang of it and I getting to like the fact that sometimes you can find great things for next to nothing and it's so true someone's junk is someone else's treasure and we have found some real good things over the last few visits. Usually after Value Village we go to Williams or Tim Horton's for a coffee. And usually we run into my "buddy" Steve, which is kind of funny and it started the "stalking joke" between us... we just don't know who is stalking who....The evening usually round up at 10pm just like work would have at that time. But this is so much better than work. And so I am looking forward to the next Tuesday and the next and the one following the week after,

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