Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long overdue

Well today it finally happened, and I had coffee with my friend M. Seems like time is just flying by and it seems like we never have time at the same time to go for coffee, so today the perfect opportunity presented itself to us. I dropped my daughter of to Dance, she waited for the oldest son to come home from Univeristy, my boys were home, waiting for their girlfriends, and Mr. Happy was in Toronto picking up one of the girlfriends. So nobody even thought about needing me for anything we went to Williams and had coffee and just chatted about the last four weeks. And who walks in but my buddy "Steve". Honest to god I have not been anywhere out to coffee with anybody anywhere without running into Steve. The only day he guaranteed me he wouldn't run into me was Valentine's Day, because he was spending it with his wife. lol...That's a boy. lol.
After our coffee we had a few minutes and went to Penningtons to look at the spring collection.....ahhhh would be nice to have some money to spend.... a lot of the clothes were in my favourite colour and oh so pretty, but I have oh so little money and oh so much debt. lol. Oh well one can dream.
So I hope it won't take another four weeks for M. and me to get together for coffee.

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