Friday, January 18, 2008


Over the last few years, there have been situations at a workplace that are for me absolutely inhumane, and in my eyes classify as a form of mental abuse and definitely discrimination and harassment. Nothing has been done about it, things have been discussed, people have been send to counselling to sort things out, people have been bringing it to the attention of the ones one thought were in charge and nothing, absolutely nothing has been done about it. Now I have been working on our Policies and procedures for staff and customers before and we all had training in Health and Safety and Harassment/Abuse falls under this part of training. Now why do we have policies if there is nobody to enforce them or adhere to them, well or shall I just rephrase this, why are they only good for and applicable for the full time staff and higher up staff? What are we the dirt under their shoes and they pretty much can do whatever they want to do with us and to us? Now how fair is that? And why are we less then they are? Even higher up than the local level, is not able to help since it's not based on discrimination and harassment due to religion, gender, believes and race. I think we still have a lot to learn about the different ways people are harassed and discriminated for in a workplace.

I always have been one for the underdogs, always. I remember in school I would be the first one to befriend new kids and kids nobody really liked. Funny thing about it, you learn a lot about people, and yes sometimes I got burnt and it taught me valuable lessons about people and their inner beauty or lack of it. But at least I gave it a chance, where others just dismissed them without even knowing them. It's not like I was an outcast at school, but I also wasn't one for being in a clique either. I know certain things are a part of growing up, but I am thinking why go through something horrible that might affect your life forever or at least needs a lot of work to be rectified again later on if you can avoid it?

So unless you know me or anybody for this matter, and you have enough of your own information to form your own opinion about me/them, there shouldn't be even a thought wasted on whether you like me/them or not. I think by not doing this, one overlooks a lot of great people.

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