Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reality Check

Well today was a prime example that people's good intentions get thrown right out the window, by something that is totally out of their control. As parents we can only teach our children what we think is right, teach them morals and respect to a certain degree and hope that it will stick with them when they go out in this big world on their own. Today we had a little incident with three boys, as all boys do at one point or another and I could swear it is in the male DNA, playing "boom boom" and "pow pow", one thing we do absolutely don't allow at the program and which got nipped in the butt right away by my P.I.C. As the parents arrived, they got informed of that kind of play and that we are absolutely against it and asked them to try to instill it in their children that it is not acceptable and not something we play at preschool. What parents do at home in the privacy of their home is beyond our control, and if you let your little boy play that at home, that's your right. One of the mother's was totally outraged about this behaviour and was quite upset that her son would learn this here at our centre, as it is not allowed in her house, not even the use of the words etc. Which is totally understandable, but as you move out and explore your surroundings there will always be things that are not acceptable to you and you or your child will be exposed to it.
I don't like the fact that there are drugs in High schools, I know it's unacceptable, I know the schools don't allow it and it's unacceptable for them too, but still they are there and there is a chance of my children to be exposed to it. Like it or not, and all I can hope is that they have their head on straight, know right from wrong and are strong enough to stay to their convictions. Anything more is out of my control. So yes I understand that people try to keep their children as innocent as possible, not wanting to expose them to any harm and danger, but it's everywhere. If he didn't learn "boom boom" today at preschool he will learn it walking down the street watching older boys play. It just is out there and you have to accept it and teach right from wrong and instill your moral values in your family. And then that is still no guarantee that everything will be just fine.
I remember guns were a no no in my family growing up too, but since my brother wasn't allowed to have a toy gun, he just used a wooden stick as substitute, and it worked just fine for him.

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