Monday, January 28, 2008

A matter of opinion

Everything is just a matter of opinion, a matter of who you ask, how you ask, what kind of state that person is in at the time of the opinion etc. Everybody sees things the way they see fit and make them work for themselves. I am sure we all know someone or even live with someone who thinks they know everything, only their opinion counts, it's their way or the highway, there is just no other way of looking at things but their way. It's not easy to have people like that around, it undermines the other person's self worth and the simple fact of just mattering. Just because I see things different than someone else doesn't make me wrong, just because you believe your perception to be right, doesn't mean it is or isn't, it's just a perception. In cases where you just can't get your point across to even make the other person think about the possibility of other ways of seeing or doing things, I just want to agree to disagree. It's all in the eye of the beholder, and shutting others out or not giving them a chance to be heard because their opinion is different, makes one a poor excuse of a human being, one that defininately lacks compassion and understanding and even reasoning for that matter. I remember during my years with Janice, my counselor, I had a lot of lightbulb moments, where I said " gee never thought of looking at it that way". Unless you open your mind to other possibilities and other ideas and different angles of seeing things, you miss out on a whole lot of opportunities and newfound freedoms and enjoyments.And if all that you do is so perfect and right, then why are you so miserable?

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