Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A quiet peaceful Christmas Day

..well at least at my house. Once in a while it is nice to celebrate Christmas just with your own familly. It makes for a very quiet and relaxing day. There was no rush to get up and get the turkey in the oven, no rush with opening presents, because of people coming over, just everything went at a slow pace.
I got up my usual time, showered, got dressed, turned on the Christmas lights everywhere, lit some candles, turned on the Christmas music and just sat in peace. I received a few phonecalls and made one to Germany. Then slowly one by one the kids got up and they were anxious to open their presents. It's funny to watch how they went from ripping things open and moving on to the next when they were little and now they just take their time and actually look at the things they got before moving to the next. At around 11:30 the in-laws stopped by for a quick visit before they went on to Christmas Dinner at their daughter's house. There were more presents for the kids and some for the grown-ups and after they left I started preparing the turkey. It was in the oven by one pm. I think that is the latest I ever made the turkey. The afternoon was spend with lots of laughter, some close cardiac arrests and action. It was a lot of fun and everybody was on their best behaviour.
At 5:30 the turkey was all done and it was time for dinner, which was nice too. Dessert was a homemade european-style cheesecake from one of the boy's girlfriends, and it was pretty much done in no time. lol....The rest of the evening was quiet with everybody checking out their gifts over and over again and just watching some Christmas shows on TV. All in all it was a quiet and peaceful Christmas Day.

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