Thursday, December 06, 2007

I didn't know it was that easy....

Wow, today a total random act of kindness on my part, turned into something I never expected in my dreams, and it really emphasized the real meaning of giving and why giving is better than receiving and how easy it is to make someone's day and make someone happy. It was really nothing, but the reaction I got for it, was just amazing and totally unexpected. I have done random acts of kindness for a while now, but todays response was just like icing on a cake.
One of the boys has a new girlfriend, well she has been his friend for quite some time, but they recently started dating. She is a nice girl and her and I have the same great taste in music and we were even joking about going to a concert together, to one her boyfriend probably wouldn't take her, mostly because it's not his type of music. So today as I wandered through the music department of Zellers to look for a CD for my mom, I came across the new Enrique Iglesias CD. I love Enrique so there was no question about getting it or not, I got it and I remembered that the new girlfriend mentioned the other day that Enrique is her favourite too, so I also picked one up for her. When I got to the house she was already over so I just handed it to her and said 'I got something for you'. First of all she was totally surprised that I just got her something out of the blue, for no other reason than because I wanted to. But when she saw what it was, I thought she was gonna flip out on me, she was jumping up and down like a little kid, she was so happy, you would have thought I just gave a million dollars, she was so excited, hugged me and thanked me repeatedly. It was so nice to watch and to just see how one little thing can make someone so happy. It was great and it made me feel absolutely awesome inside.

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