Thursday, December 20, 2007


Arrrrrrgggggghhhhh....really starting to get frustrated with my crosstitch pictures. I finally got around to pick up my Wolves picture from a friend, who fixed it up for me and stretched it into shape. Well I thought I had bought the right size frame for it, but when I checked it was for another picture, so I had to venture out to the busy stores, which I didn't want to do at no circumstances, but I had no choice. So I went to Zellers, where I remembered seeing the perfect frame before, but of course, there was none left. So I had to go to Walmart, where there were just wall to wall people...and no frame for that size in the colour I needed...darn... I looked around and found a silver frame, more like for wedding photos, simple but elegant, not the style I was looking for but at this point I didn't have much options left, so I thought with a little spray paint I could turn it into the right frame. I bought it, bought a can of black spray paint and went home. Stretched my picture over cardboard to be inserted into the frame. I tried to see if it was fitting into the frame properly and looked awesome, absolutely beautiful and I didn't need to paint the frame after all. It looked amazing, the silver frame brought out the gray in the birch trees and in the wolves. It was really perfect. absolutely beautiful and I impressed myself with it. WOW!......but then there are still a few other pictures for impossible to find frames and looks like I have to still find some replace gifts lol...and take another year to find the fitted frame....just so you know...:)

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