Monday, November 12, 2007

There is one for everyone

I had a pretty busy fun day today. I spend the morning in the garage cutting out some designs from wood, to make a few homemade Christmas presents. Well I must admit I am not very handy with the saws and it was quite an ordeal to get things done. I spend some time painting and drilling and things are coming together nicely.Later in the morning I set out to find some accessories that I needed for the finishing touches, first stop was Lens Mills where I found a few things I could use, at a very affordable price, then I set out to Value Village to find some scarfs, that I also needed for the finishing touch. I found exactly what I was looking for and I almost spend some money on a paddle with loons to make paddling up shits creek a lot easier. But I decided against it, even though it would have been funny, well at least to some. lol. Then I went to Zellers where I was looking for some snowflakes, but couldn't find anything that caught my eyes, well at least no snowflakes, but I came across this little sign and as soon as I saw it, I knew who it was for, prize would have not mattered at this point either, because it was just perfect. But my luck, it was very affordable and I knew whoever got it was gonna like it just as much as I liked purchasing it. With a smile on my face and a very good feeling in my gut I was homewardbound and decided to secretly drop off my newly found perfect gift as an early Christmas present at my friends house. Well the secretly didn't work quite as planned as I was caught redhanded. Darn, gotta be more sneaky the next time. But it had an advantage too, I spend a nice hour with a good friend and some hot cranberry apple cider. We caught up on the latest news in our lives and we pondered about how to frame a certain crosstitch picture to hide a little mishap.
After a while it was time to go home, cook dinner and get ready for work.

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one???? now thats just funny