Friday, November 23, 2007

Sunshiny day

Well it was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, a little bit on the chilly side, but sunny and bright nevertheless. After a shortened morning at work, which suited me just fine, I met with a friend for coffee and we just chatted about this and that, shared some laughs and tempered moments all at the same time. The good thing about all this is that being a friend lets you be and do all these things and you still know at the end of it you are still friends and loved just the same. No grudges to be held, no hurt feelings without being brought to the forefront, just new awareness, new understanding and sometimes hard insights into oneself. It took me a long time to learn and understand and to be able to apply this to me.
As I am typing this some wise words of other friends come to mind...mostly we are our own worst enemy and we need to take care of ourselves, since nobody does it for us, and with that said if it's not your **** to shovel, don't shovel it....
Later in the day I picked up my daughter from school and we ventured out to the mall, foremost to look for a headdress to represent a different country at the Santa Claus Parade and to look for Winter boots for her. As we were checking the different stores for hats, I think mostly she was looking for a french beret, we came across this faux fur ear flap hat, and I said why don't you be Russia and she thought it was a great idea, especially because it would keep her nice and toasty. So we got that and then she picked out some nice, totally in style winter boots. She is ready for winter.
The rest of the evening I spent at work, trying to figure some things out on the computer and some programs, with which I was not too familiar with, but like so many things in life it is trial and error until you get it right.


Anonymous said...

how does one know what is their **** to shuffle.


(Right blog this time)

Tina said...

This is just my interpretation of it and it might be wrong, but that's how I see it... if it's in your power to change it, then it's your pile. If there is nothing that you can do, even though it is part of your life and it affects you in every day life to a certain degree (some things affect you more than others), but it's beyond your control, then it's not really your pile of **** to shuffle. One reacts to things a certain way, and that is just human and everybody does it in their way, but if there is nothing you can do about it, then one shouldn't waste all their energy on it. It still affects one, but don't take it on as your own, because it really isn't. Does that make sense? I know sometimes I can confuse myself... I am not for nothing a real blonde.....